Vehicle To Vehicle Technology Proponents Are Not Waiting For The Federal Government

Regulations by the federal government to regulate vehicle to vehicle technology seems to be going to the wayside but that does not have carmakers waiting for any official rulings. The regulations are still being worked over but automobile manufactuers believe that an effort at the grassroots level could help the new technology into the vehicles and being able to skirt around any federal government oversight by looking to get state regulations in place.

Vehicle to vehicle technology is being looked at as the next big thing when it comes to automobile safety. The law that is being looked at by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is dedicated to short range communication between vehicles but as far as long range talking cars go nothing has been set in concrete. It is believed that the reason that vehicle to vehicle technology has been slowed is the ever so growing of cellular technology and that technology would be better taking advantage of 5G speed and connectivity range.

The NHTSA regulation that is being reviewed could be passed in 2019 and would require cars by 2023 to have vehicle to vehicle technology. The thing is that there have been stalling and delays by the NHTSA and automobile makers believe that they cannot wait any longer. Their biggest fear is that the longer that the federal government delays any ruling on vehicle to vehicle communications technology, the current technology that the companies have would be obsolete by 2023. This has now sparked the automotive industry going to state governments for regulation authority which would then allow for the vehicle to vehicle technology to get into vehicles more faster.

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Joel Stocksdale
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