BMW, Toyota could steal the Geneva show

One of the biggest events of the year for those that are in the auto industry is the Geneva Auto Show. The Geneva Auto Show is typically where many different car companies unveil their new stock for the first time. This year, one of the biggest overall focuses will be on the continued development of the electric car market. While Tesla has been the leader of this in the past, this could be the year where other car companies are able to unveil a new car to rival Tesla.

This year, two of the car companies that are looking like they could be among the biggest surprises and winners of the auto show are Toyota and BMW. While both of these companies have been producing vehicles for well over 50 years, both of the companies are now looking to unveil their next electronic cars. Toyota will be unveiling the Supra and BMW will be unveiling the Z4.

While Toyota and BMW are both expected to gain a lot of attention, there will be many other car companies that will be highlighted as well. Some of the other car companies that will be in focus will include Bentley, Audi, Ford, and Hyundai. All of these companies are releasing new car concepts, many of which will be the first generation for a new model. Following the Geneva Auto Show, it will be clear whether there will be more competition for Tesla or if the company will continue to dominate the electric car space.

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Joel Stocksdale
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