Take a Look at Toyota’s Newest 2018 FT-4X Concept !

A new concept from Toyota was recently introduced at the New York Auto Show.

It’s the 2018 FT-4X Concept. The new vehicle is in the class of a crossover. It’s smaller in size as compared to the other crossovers manufactured by Toyota. That is part of the unique look and appeal that Toyota was looking to achieve. Upon first glance at their newest vehicle, Toyota has achieved this Concept!

It is rugged. The four-wheel drive vehicle has a 4-cylinder engine, and it delivers plenty of power. There is definitely an urban “feel” to Toyota’s FT-4X Concept. It is as if it will be as much fun driving this vehicle on busy city streets as it will be to drive it on rugged country roads!

Toyota’s new 2018 FT-4X Concept is packed with many cool features. It has a flat roof with secured hoops, so carrying extra cargo on the roof is secure and easy. If you choose to, you can interchange the color scheme of the door panels. Additionally, there are power outlets below the hoops. At a campsite, for instance, you can easily hook up to the site’s outlets to power electronics and accessories. It also has door handles shaped like water bottles. The 2018 FT-4X Concept is highly focused on the unique needs and desires of the millenniums.

Toyota Motor Company has not yet disclosed the date when their new 2018 FT-4X Concept will be released. It’s anticipated to be either in late 2018, or in early 2019.