The Top Car Companies Who Are Making the Switch To Electric and Leaving Their Combustion Engine Counterparts Behind

The title is not to suggest that all car companies are leaving behind the combustion engine. Electric cars are becoming more popular with each passing day. Manufacturers are hearing the call and the demand. Electric cars will be the future. The ten car companies listed below are the ones taking charge.

1) Volkswagen has sold more than 20,000 electric cars since 2015. The Audi and Porsche are two of the biggest reasons why. These two are part of their core brand. Early numbers suggest that Volkswagen will be one of the leading competitors to beat with electric car sales.

2) The Geely group comes in next.

3) The BMW comes in 8th place with all-time sales since 2015.

4) The BYD is a plug-in car with sales over 4,000.

5) Ford is one of America’s primary sellers. Ford is one of the backbones in the car industry. Ford is in sixth place with almost 50,000 cars sold since 2015.

6) Tesla is in the top 5 and has been since 2015. Their Model X brand is going to spike the sales to an even greater level.

7) Toyota has been in the top 4 since April of 2015. They have sold more than 76,000 electric cars. Their numbers are set to spike to a greater number in the coming months.

8) General Motors has been busy with cars like the Volt and the Chevy Spark EV. GM made it to second place this year.

9) Mitsubishi has sold more than 100,00 units in the electric car category and they are just starting.

10) The Renault-Nissan is in the number one spot. They have sold close to 242,000 electric plug-ins around the world. The next-generation leaf is coming soon. They have sold double the amount of their competitors. The release of the leaf is poised to skyrocket this car company into the stratosphere.

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