An Old Chevy Pickup Truck Is Transformed Into A Hybrid

An antique 1946 Chevy pickup truck has been transformed into a hybrid vehicle. You can say that this 1946 Chevy Pickup is the world’s oldest Prius hybrid model in the world right now. Here is more to this story.

Joe Winter from Ohio decided to undertake a project to turn his old 1946 Chevy Pickup into a hybrid vehicle. He had the Chevy as an antique. A first-generation Toyota Prius vehicle was also gifted to him. He decided to combine the two together to create what would essentially be one of the oldest looking and operating hybrid vehicles in the world!

Mr. Winter got the project underway by replacing the pickup truck’s outdated internal combustion engine with the brand-new powertrain in the Toyota Prius Hybrid. During the project Joe undertook drastic measures to retain the original look and feel of the 1946 Chevy pickup truck. He sought to hide every Prius component under the exterior of the truck so that it would not look any different but function as a hybrid.

Joe says that he is amazed at how well the components of the Prius remain hidden. There is now way to tell that there is literally a Prius hybrid underneath the “skin” of the Chevy pickup truck. He says that even the digital dashboard display from the Toyota Prius is concealed beneath the original glass display. The new Toyota-Chevy pickup hybrid vehicle is a front wheel vehicle.

A surprising thing that Mr. Winter encountered was the ease of inserting the Toyota parts into the body of his old Chevy pickup truck. He named the pickup hybrid a Chevyota Priuck. After completing the transformation, Joe Winter later took his electric powered Chevyota Priuck to a classic car event. It received plenty of praise and awe alike from visitors and classic car owners. This story shows that it is possible to transform old and antique into hybrid vehicles with enough dedication and work.

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Emily Daniel
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