2018 Nissan Leaf Teaser: Electric Car Will ‘Amaze Your Senses

The 2018 Nissan Leaf has a better exterior modification and a more powerful electric motor. It has maintained much of its shape and proportions but has a sharper design than it`s preceding models making it more aerodynamically efficient. The dashboard is revised and the interior spiced with high-quality materials blended with light trimming colors.

But just how powerful is it? The car features a battery packed with a higher density and lithium mounted to the wall. The feature makes it manage up to 40kwh, an improvement from the previous model that had 30kwh. The leaf has a 147 horsepower matched with a 236 pound of torque, hence its steady output on the road. It has a stronger inverter with an efficient cooling system, allowing one to get an extra boost for a longer period. A single charge can take you up to 16 hours with a 3kw system, and the power can propel the machine up to 200miles at any speed.

The New E pedal idea will make driving more interesting. The driver will accelerate, decelerate and stop with a single pedal allowing one to drive using a single leg. The leaf also features a lane keeping and cruise system, called the pro pilot aimed at reducing carnages. Besides, the car has a pilot parking assist that relies on a button-operated, 360 degrees camera. This will be key in facilitating a forward, backward or parallel movement, without depending on other vehicles proximity, but the white lines.

The Nissan Leaf is expected to retail at $32 490 while the more advanced model will get to $36200. The price is slightly higher than the previous leaf model that went for $30680. For the second generation model of the SV, buyers will spend $29990. The new leaf is also much expensive compared to the Tesla that retails $27700.

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Carl Michael
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