Infiniti Creates World First Variable-Compression Engine

The internal combustion engine has been the prime form of transportation in the world for almost a century. There have been many innovations in the internal combustion engine that add performance and economy, like direct injection and turbocharging. The main issue with the internal combustion engine that engineers face today is how to make it more economical without sacrificing performance. Infiniti has found a way with their brand new Variable-Compression engine. Most engines can only run at one compression ratio. The engines are tuned to be either primarily economical or primarily performance focused. This new engine can be tuned optimally for both performance and economy without having to re-map the car’s ECU. This means we can finally have the best of both worlds.

Infiniti will be rolling the engine out in their new 2018 QX50. This engine will be very significant to the future of the internal combustion engine, as it may even be a viable replacement for diesel engines altogether. It has similar economy and torque figures to a turbo diesel of comparable displacement. This engine is also cheaper to manufacture than a diesel. The biggest hurdle for this engine will be in markets that primarily use diesel, like India. For this engine to be a diesel replacement in those markets there would have to be millions of dollars invested in new infrastructure for gasoline engines. Infiniti plans to release this engine in the QX50 exclusively but I would not be surprised if they replaced all of their 3.5 and 3.7 liter V6s with this engine. This engine is making waves and they are going to be huge.


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Carl Michael
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