3 Electric Companies you should know about

Young people today have personal drives to have their cars and establish their most reliable transport means. In case you are one of these people who are concerned about the use of technology and environmentally friendly vehicles then look for your vehicle from any these three Chinese companies which have gotten into the world market with the most amazing electric cars as well as conservative environmental cars.

BYD, Build Your Dreams, company
BYD is an auto company based in China and has developed into one of the globe’s largest producer of the cars powered by electricity. They are focused on producing cars with the best IT integrations to ease their operation and make the user-friendly gestures to the users. The company provides new energy vehicles, rechargeable batteries, computer and handset components, rail transit, and solar farming among the many of their fantastic products. Being the largest company in the global market, it has struggled to deal with the global unemployment rates through employing millions of people across their more than 30 companies globally, and not just in China.

Changjiang Electric Vehicle Company
Changjiang is the latest company hitting the global market with most of its products aimed at protecting the environment from the previously emitted diesel products. They produce pure energy vehicle products, and it is under the ownership and management of Yunnan. The company leads in the production of the electric buses. In 2016, the new global company presented more than 210 vehicles at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou making it receive the honor the G20 Hangzhou Summit Super Sponsor among other wards. Similarly, it started shipping some of its most excellent products to the US; a move that will see the company become the global hub.

Kandi Technologies
Kandi Technologies is based in Jinhua City in China, and it is not left behind in the current electric shift in auto production. It is one of the best companies leading in auto manufacturing and sales, as well as EV development and research. It deals with all kinds of electric cars as well as air conditioning systems. The company has incorporated the smart equipment into its vehicles. For example, you will come across one of their products with 4G internets access as well as a state-of-art infotainment system with a smartphone operating system powered by Alibaba YunOS.

Do not miss your brand in these companies!

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