3 Types of Environmentally Friendly Cars

When people think about eco-friendly cars many people immediately think about a hybrid. Truth is, there are many types of eco-friendly cars to choose from. The three major types of eco-friendly cars are the gas engine with electric assistance hybrid, the electric vehicle with a gas powered generator, and the pure electric vehicle.

The most common of these eco-friendly cars is the gas engine with electric assistance. This is what most people would call a hybrid. In many gas-electric hybrids, the front wheels are run by the gas motor and this is supplemented with power from the electric motor, or the electric motor runs the rear wheels. In hybrid sports cars, it’s more common for the rear wheels to be driven by the gas motor. Hybrids are best for families that want to be eco-friendly and not have issues with range anxiety.

The next kind of eco-friendly car is the most electric car with a gas range-extending generator. In this type of car, the drivetrain is only run by the electric motor but can have power generated from the gas generator. This is best for people that mostly city commute but sometimes have to go on trips more than 150 miles one way. These cars are becoming more common as it partially gets rid of range anxiety that pure electric cars can have, but the gas tanks are extremely small.

The final kind of eco-friendly car is the pure electric car. This kind of car is most popular in very dense cities. These cars usually are plagued by low range, around 100-200 miles of range. The newer pure electric cars have longer ranges and charge faster with new supercharging stations. These cars are great for people that do not typically leave their city and if they do leave their city they would probably take a rental.

All in all eco-friendly cars have come a long way from their humble beginnings. They are now reliable and can be afforded on most budgets. Sometime in the near future, it will be strange to see a car on the road that is not a hybrid or pure electric car.

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Carl Michael
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