3D-Printed Delivery Cars

Printing a document is as common as having a computer. This kind of 2D printing has been around for decades. But 3D printing? It has been happening now for while, but only in large companies who could afford the large cost associated with the technology. In fact, 3D printing for car parts has been around for a while now. However, it’s only been a few years since 3D printing has become as common it is today.

This is in large part because of the lower costs for these types of devices.
Several car manufacturers are working at making an entire car by using 3D printing technology. So what is the reason behind this? The following is a brief breakdown showing the advantages of a 3D printed car.

• 3D printed parts are lower in weight, which directly translates to better gas mileage
• The amount of work on assembly lines is reduced by creating fewer steps to manufacture
• By decreasing steps in assembly line less equipment is needed
• Metals used in car making are getting more difficult to find. 3D printers can use alternative materials such as plastics and carbon fiber

Since car parts can be made with this type of technology, even if you have a conventional car it is possible to find spare parts for it. Therefore, do not get rid of the car based on the fear of not finding spare parts.

At this point of time, 3D printed cars are not being mass produced. However, by all accounts, it is going to be the future. What is known now is that these types of cars are lighter in build, faster to make and even during the design stage of the car, changes can be made in an instant.

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