A Designated Driver For The Driverless Car

Back in November of 2017 in Mountain View, California; Phantom Auto test drives its very first remote-control driverless car system. This new high-tech driving experience was quickly developed after an autonomous test vehicle got stuck behind a taco truck, between double parked cars, and traffic cones. Apart from all the chaos, the car’s computer was unable to decide how to get out of the situation. As a result of this, Phantom Auto received a lot of backlash, but the company wasn’t about to give up! The company quickly came up with a solution which kept driverless cars from getting stuck in sticky situations. If a confusing situation did appear, then a human could directly take control of the steering wheel through a remote-control operation station. Through Phantom Auto’s new development, they provide an increased amount of safety on the roadways and a highly reliable autonomous vehicle. At first, test drives would be very jerky and uncomfortable. Now, their cars are able to maintain a steady and smooth drive throughout the entire valley.

On the other hand, Nissan Motors has also developed a new system collaborated from NASA that relies on humans when a vehicle gets trapped in tight situations. This new technique was generated back in 2017 and is called Seamless Autonomous Mobility.
However, the only difference is Nissan will map out solutions to send through to the car’s computer, while Phantom Auto can actually physically take over all controls. Phantom can also switch over to or sync with multiple network carriers like AT&T or Verizon to establish a strong connection before driving.

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