Achates Power OP Engine Begins Real-World Test Phase

Achates Power is a company that is devoted to improving the performance of internal combustion engines through improvements in efficiency, emissions, and costs. During the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, Achates Power revealed a demonstration pickup truck that housed their Opposed-Piston engine. Achates Power estimates that the pickup truck achieves 37 miles per gallon while producing 270 horsepower and 480 foot-pounds of torque.

Through decreased heat and pumping losses, the Opposed-Piston engine is able to achieve superior thermal efficiency. Through the removal of cylinder heads, valvetrain, and valvetrain components, the OP engine is able to reduce heat transfer and heat rejection. The lack of cylinder heads is a result of the opposing reciprocating action of two pistons within each cylinder head of the engine. Additionally, the valvetrain could be removed due to the engine’s ported cylinder walls.

During the auto show, the truck was displayed in the Aramco exhibit as a part of a collaboration between Achates Power and Aramco. This project is just one of many projects to be developed in the future of the partnership.

Future testing of the 2.7 liter Achates Power Opposed-Piston engine will continue at both the Achates Power facility and Aramco facility in Detroit, Michigan. It is anticipated that the engine will be complete and in a vehicle by late 2018.

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