Affordable Eco and family friendly features

Smaller cars tend to be more ecological and efficient as they are lighter and need less gas mileage to operate. Despite the savings that can be garnered from smaller cars, they don’t fit the needs of families which have larger families and space needs.

Car manufacturers are taking note of this and making hybrids and other ecologically friendly cs that meet the needs of larger families. While these vehicles won’t get quite the same gas mileage as ecologically friendly sedans, they offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes that are more fuel efficient than the standard SUV or crossover.

There are now many ecologically friendly hybrids on the market as well. Instead of just a standard Toyota Prius there are now larger models including a small SUV that offers great mileage and provides great savings for a family, but provides expansive space for their needs.

Many SUVs and other car models also have eco modes which reduce the gas used during acceleration and offers some gas savings in these modes. While there is a loss in acceleration speed, this is often not a concern of families who aren’t necessarily looking to get from zero to sixty in record time. Many family sized SUVs also have automatic engine shutoff at red lights which save on gas mileage and provide for an extensive amount of savings over the life of the car.

That car manufacturers are trying these new novel approaches to ecology in SUVs and other family friendly cars shows that there is a real demand and need for environmentally friendly and eco cars for families, who are unable to give up the versatility that larger vehicles provide. Gas mileage and economy are at the forefront of the decision making process for families buying cars and car manufacturers are following with new features to improve on the efficiency of family cars.

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Joel Stocksdale
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