Airwaves: the Car of the Future

Have you ever wished you could squeeze your current vehicle into those tiny spaces nobody else can make it into? Worried about denting and scraping up your pristine vehicle while trying to shimmy your way into small spaces? Now, what if a vehicle could do all of this, plus be environmentally friendly? The future is looking bright if you said yes to any of these possibilities.

Meet Airwaves, the city car of the future. This compact car boasts a ton of features aimed at making your commute, and life, that much easier. With a three wheeled design, a top door that hinges outward to avoid you or others getting “doored in”, and even a screen on the back to display information for other drivers, such as weather, traffic reports, and more. And, to top it all off, Airwaves is a completely electric car, meaning no emissions, so we can all enjoy a greener tomorrow.

Of course, especially with a vehicle like this, safety is a concern. Airwaves has you covered there as well, however, with both indoor and outdoor airbags to protect both you and other drivers from harm. Coupled with a revolutionary lift mechanism which uses inertia to raise the cab when the emergency break is pulled in case of an accident, this vehicle is prepared for anything. Be it an accident with another driver or a pedestrian, Airwaves takes everything into consideration to be as safe for the driver, passengers and everyone else around them.

Airwaves is still a concept vehicle at the moment, so don’t expect to be driving one this year, but with all of these features and more, this truly is the vehicle of the future. Be it for safety, convenience, or the environmentally friendly aspects of the vehicle, Airwaves certainly has you covered.

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Joel Stocksdale
Joel Stocksdale has more than a quarter century joined car industry and car news coverage encounter that he conveys to Green Auto Shop perusers. Over the thirteen years that he possessed a car business, he worked straightforwardly with each significant auto mark in the vehicle business and got comfortable with all makes and models of autos. His energy for autos drove him to put over the most recent twelve years in car news coverage where he conveys all that experience to his perusers as he expounds on the vehicle business and the most recent test autos he drives.