The most amazing details about Isaac Cohen and his wooden cars

The change in technology and lifestyle today has affected almost every sector of life. The automobile field is not left behind with the father of the wooden car design on the lead. Isaac Cohen is an Israeli wood designer in Houston, Texas with more than 35 years’ experience in wood design. He has come up with the most beautiful car that is purely made of wood and is also street legal drifting from the previous metal, plastics, and glasses that the past manufacturers used to make vehicles.

Although he has grown old, Isaac Cohen’s creativity and innovation are still unmatched. He has a great passion for automobiles while at the same time has the determination to always come up with a new item. He worked tirelessly for over 5,000 hours to build his first wooden car has been a carpenter since he was 13 years old. This renowned craftsman has over the years developed his passion through the close assistance of his son since 2002 when he produced the first car which he named ‘splinter.’

What are the unique features that Isaac Cohen’s wooden cars have?

Unlike the previously made vehicles which utilized metals mostly, Cohen has created a masterpiece that uses purely wood which he carves beautifully instead of metals. Similarly, this legend used the modern equipment to design the cars because they do not have any traces of handles for the doors or even the windows. The vehicles are of the design that use the automatic remote control to open and close the doors and trunks. Moreover, the size of this car is also unique to suit the taste of those who would like to replace the bicycle with this cars. Isaac Cohen has successfully fitted TV and DVD players in this wooden vehicle making it one of the best cars in town!

In case you need any custom wooden car, Isaac Cohen is in Texas and readily reachable to make your dream come true.

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