The Five Most Eco-Friendly Cars America Has To Offer Customers In 2017

What do you think of when you hear the words “eco-friendly”? Most people attach the words “eco-friendly” to the word “expensive”. How can you possibly get an eco-friendly car at an affordable price? Well, you can. You will find a list of the 5 eco-friendly cars you can get at an affordable price below.

1) The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. The base models begin at just under $27,000. The Sonata Hybrid gets about 42 MPG with city and highway driving. The Hybrid has got a nice sized cabin and comes with some amazing features.

2) The Ford Fusion Hybrid. Prices start at just over $26,000. The Hybrid gets about 42 MPG. The Hybrid has a convenient interior and is easy to use.

3) The Toyota Prius. This car is perfect for all the Prius lovers out there. Prices start out at just over $25,000. The hatchback gets about 56 MPG. The hatchback comes equipped with collision mitigation and a lane-departure warning feature. The Hybrid is spacious and easy to use. The car has lots of room for your cargo and a safety-assistance feature, as well as others.

4) The Ford C-Max Hybrid. The prices start at just $25,000. Are you looking for something filled with space and fuel-efficient? Then, this is the car for you. The Ford C-Max Hybrid gets about 40 MPG. Are you someone who loves to pump up the base in your music? The car comes equipped with a 6-speaker sound system. The car has lights that run in the day. You do not have to worry because your battery will not be drained.

5) The Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Base models begin at just under $25,000. The car gets about 59 MPG. You cannot get any better than this with EVs when it comes to affordability. This EV leaves all the others behind.

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Carl Michael
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