Roadblock for Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles have become a popular sensation over the past few years. Many people wonder if they will continue to grown in the industry. There have been a few electric cars that have done well on the market. For most of them however, things aren’t looking so good. One of the most popular producers of electric cars is Tesla. Tesla produces all electric, high quality vehicles. One of their most outstanding achievements was releasing a fully electric semi truck that can travel 400 miles on a 30 minute charge. On top of that, they released a sports car that can reach speeds of 60 MPH in less than two seconds. Although this may seem like the deal breaker, things are not perfect just yet. The two vehicles have not officially hit the market yet. Although CEO Elon Musk promises that they will begin deliveries within a year or so, it may not happen any time soon. Tesla is also very behind on their deliveries of their Model 3. Musk overshot his goals and promised consumers that many more cars would be delivered than actually were. Tesla also reached an all time low earning month in November. Their stock even shot down by almost 9 percent. With all that has happened recently, consumers wonder whether or not the near future will be filled with electric cars like it was previously assumed. Producers of electric cars may be on to something, however they have hit a roadblock. Electric cars aren’t here yet.