Aston Martin Aims to Overtake the Ultra Luxury Electric Brand

Aston Martin is a British based automobile manufacturer. Founded in 1913, they specialize in luxury sports cars. Recently, it was announced that Aston Martin plans to sell ultra luxury electric vehicles to compete with bigger producers.

When it comes to electric ultra luxury, Bentley and Rolls-Royce dominate the market. However, Aston Martin will be launching Lagonda as an electric-only ultra luxury brand to compete with these two heavy hitters. Production is planned to begin in 2021, but these are no normal cars. Lagonda is going to break the mold of what a ultra luxury sedan is by implementing unusual designs for a car. Not to mention that on the inside they will be using unusual materials as well such as wool and silk. Lagonda was purchased by Aston Martin before 1950, but since Aston Martin has stopped making cars under that name. This will be the first resurgence of the Lagonda name since around 1960.

Overall, Aston Martin is looking to widen their view. They no longer want to be limited to just making luxury sports cars, but ultra luxury electric cars as well. Plus they have the old Lagonda brand just lying around, so why not put that in front of their new product? Sounds like they’ve got it all figured out.

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Carl Michael
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