Audi Aicon: Welcome to the World of Full-Autonomy into Driving Seat

Audi Aicon is a revolutionary attempt from the German car maker that clearly translates the need of the hour – fully-autonomous car. The car introduced at the Frankfurt auto show in September 2017, and it gave the vision of a steering-less, pedal-less car. Some features make the car a unique product in the market. The electric car provides a range of 497 miles (approximately 800 kilometers), and it travels at a maximum speed of 80 mph.

The range of the car makes it an ideal choice for long rides, especially convenient for countryside journeys and night travels. The AI-enabled autonomous system, called PIA of Audi, follows the verbal commands of the passengers. Additionally, the system is capable of learning the eye movements and gestures to understand the intentions of the travelers and respond to that. It means that people would find the initial transition quite easier as the system responds to all the types of gestures.

The car looks terribly stylish and comes with a full-size four-door type; the doors open opposite sides. It gives a clear view of the interior, and people can easily get into the car without any strain. To make the people inside more engaged, it offers multiple displays and a windshield that can turn into a head-up display. Additionally, the exterior screens communicate with other vehicles and pedestrians to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

The interior of the car is more spacious, and the front seats can be slide back when needed. The four electric motors of the car produce a 350 bhp power that translates to 550 Nm of torque. The car has adopted a lightweight construction – a major reason for the range of nearly 500 miles. Interestingly, the car does not have seatbelts; the reason, the car, made with heavy sensors, detects all the obstacles and avoid the collision, means it is safe.

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