Why Hydrogen Fueled Cars Seem Like A Distant Future

Hydrogen is one of the most commonly occurring elements in the entire world, and yet, there are very few applications of it. Hydrogen fuel might just be the answer to the fuel crisis that is currently gripping our world, but even so, automobile markers are continually struggling to find ways to make cars that are depending on this abundantly available fuel. When car companies think of hydrogen-based vehicles, they are usually considering it as an eco-friendly option rather than a necessary alternative. Even though using hydrogen-fueled cars is one of the best ways to solve the energy crisis, the number of companies opting to go down this route is far less.

The reason car companies don’t want to go down this route and produce hydrogen-based cars is that of the sheer competition that is currently prevalent in the automobile industry. With the continually dropping price of car batteries, making vehicles that use this technology is more optimal and cost saving for the company producing them. Car companies always look at the amount of money they can efficiently make, rather than the impact that their cars have on the world and future generations, which is one of the core areas where the problems currently lie.

The debate that a lot of car companies use to justify their unavailability of hydrogen-based options on the market is that Hydrogen fuels are a lot harder to produce. Since hydrogen cannot be used in its natural state to fuel cars, there is a long process that is needed for the conversion, which can sometimes cost the company a lot more than what one would expect. Hydrogen-based fuels will find it harder to compete in markets where cheaper fuel options are readily available, which would make the cost of fuel needed for cars a lot more than what customers are usually willing to pay.

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