Automotive ‘sector deal’ focused on a future of low carbon, electric and autonomous vehicles

People are talking about low-carbon and electric cars, and this appears to be the way that the automotive
industry is going. It is evident that these cars are a lot more impressive because it speaks to a new
generation of millennials and socially conscious adults that are looking for vehicles that are safer for the

It makes sense for people to look at all of the possibilities of the low carbon and autonomous vehicles
because it pushes a whole lot of innovation to the forefront that is long overdue. People that have been
trying to save money while saving the environment will definitely see just how much they will be able to
benefit from these types of vehicles.

The automotive sector is really pushing these cars that present people with a whole new way to travel. The
commute is going to be a whole lot more interesting in the future as people get options for self-driving cars
and fuel efficient electronic vehicles.

This is becoming feasible now because smart technology is improving. There are also big improvements in
geographics in concerns to mapping technology. People have the ability to travel safely with a greater level
of safety.

A large number of travelers are going to be able to embrace what it means to have electric and hybrid cars on
the road. This is going to be safer for the environment, and that will ultimately lead to a decline in
conventional car sales. Technology is improving consumer car buying choices.

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Joel Stocksdale
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