Autoweek in review: Everything you missed January 1-5, 2018

When it comes to Autoweek there are always a lot of people that are interested in seeing the latest technology that is being unveiled. For those that have missed Autoweek there are ton of exciting things that are starting to occur. People that are looking for technology will find quite a few things in 2018 that have been happened with auto innovation.

One primary example of this comes with the electric cars. Kia is presenting drivers with a more effective electric car that has interesting safety features and an incredible mileage for the 46 kwh battery life that this car has.

People that are interested in voice assistant technology will also find that Bosch is coming up with a natural language voice assistance system that is going to make it much easier for drivers that are trying to utilize this technology inside of their vehicles. People that may have complained in the past about how difficult it is to remember certain commands will find that this natural language system is going to be much more effective.

Electronic cars are definitely booming for consumers, but there is also a great amount of interest that is placed on the evolution of design. Many of the new cars that are being designed are smaller and much more fuel efficient. There are also compact cars that are being displayed for Autoweek as the driverless vehicles. This is something that a lot of people are showing interest in, and the prototypes for the self-driving cars appear to be improving tremendously.