Bentley Continental DC Electric Car: My god it’s so cute

Gazing upon the Bentley Continental DC electric car, you may very well be tempted to ask, “who left their soap box derby racer lying around?” It’s a small thing, shaped like a soap box derby car, with the same amount of passenger space and storage. It was designed by a team of young apprentices at Bentley. Not exactly a mass-production car yet, by any means. And yet, on a 24-volt wheelchair motor, the car produces 0.5 horsepower and can go up to 40 miles per hour…without the weight of the driver. It is to a Tesla Model D what a Vespa is to a motorcycle — likely more fuel-efficient, but slower and nowhere near safe for highway driving or heavy weather.

It’s a proof-of-concept car. Something for the apprentices at Bentley Motors to practice on before they are entrusted with designing the company’s more conventional electric models. An amusement, at this point. Much as I wish I could compare its price to the Tesla Model D, it will likely not be for sale anytime soon. Which is a pity, because I would love to drive this thing down a city street and have people point and laugh, and then scream as I drive under a truck, only to laugh again as I emerge unscathed from under the truck’s front bumper.

Admittedly I could lose the car if a careless horse steps on it, but the advantage of this thing is that I can pick it up and stick in my back pocket, so I never have to pay for parking.

Imagine if we all drove one of these things. Traffic jams would be adorable.

• Horsepower: 0.5

• Torque: 5.1 pound-feet

• Suspension: single-wishbone fixed suspension

• Body: Carbon Fiber

• Weight: About as much as a duck

• Price: Not yet for sale

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Joel Stocksdale
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