Subaru’s Growth Means a New Home

Subaru is a Japanese automotive manufacturer. Founded in 1953, Subaru delivers a variety of automobiles to clients across the globe looking for style and affordability. To prove just how many clients Subaru has, they are currently on pace to set a record for U.S. growth. Due to this, it looks like they will be upgrading their office space.

Subaru is on the move. Because of how fast the company, and brand, is growing Subaru is being forced to relocate to a more substantial space. Not only do they need more space, but they also need less of a scattered work crew. In the current office buildings they have, located in Cherry Hill and Philadelphia, Subaru employees are spread out among an array of buildings and floors. The new office, located in Camden New Jersey, provides a central place for Subaru to conduct the business it needs while also allowing the space they need.

In conclusion, Subaru is growing. They are growing large and fast, and without the space needed they wont be able to sustain their current growth rate. Moving into a new office building offers them the much needed leg room, as well as a new look to show other companies that they’re here to stay.

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Emily Daniel
Emily Daniel experienced childhood in a games auto arranged family. She has composed for an assortment of auto magazines and sites, Green Auto Shop boss among them. Emily has chipped away at prominent driving recreations as a substance master, notwithstanding working for aviation organizations and programming monsters. She right now lives in a protected, undisclosed area in the American southwestern leave.