Lina, the Biodegradable Car Made By Dutch Students

This biodegradable car is made from sugar beets and naturally grown flax. The technology students assembled it from the University Of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. It is a lightweight automobile weighing 685 pounds. It has been certified by the Netherlands Vehicle authority though has not been given the go-ahead to operate on the roads.

More studies are being done on the same car with chances of improvement. It is a four-seater with conventionally comprised wheels and suspensions. The base frame or chassis are made of bio composite and bio-plastic.The Lina car is an electric powered car using lithium-ion batteries. It has a torque of 8kW using a 2 DC motors. It is capable of reaching a maximum of 80km/h and has a range of 100kms.

In no doubt, it has filed the gap left by electric cars that even though they do not emit carbon gases into the environment, they take a lot of energy to design. This process produces harmful substances that are released into the environment. The frame has equal strength to the fiberglass. It is intended to enhance fuel saving as compared to the gas version of the green cars such as Tesla model DIn its design, sugar beet plastic is designed into a honeycomb shaped car which is then placed between two flax sheets. While the innovation is applaudable, the car has some challenges about the materials used that are intended to break down organically.

The prototype is not yet tested for the crash tests. The principal problem in that material will break and not bend like metal.

The reason behind this invention is to enhance environmental conservation by use of sustainable material in the manufacturing of cars. The electric car will not release fossil fuel carbon to the environment as well.

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