BMW is cleaning up their design

BMW’s received criticism about the look of its vehicles not changing enough. The company plans to bring new designs with six of their 2018 vehicles.

The X2 coupe was displayed at this year’s Detroit auto show. It it the first vehicle to debut with the new vehicle design. Adrian Van Hooydonk, senior vice president of design for BMW Group describes the changes as “cleaning things up” and “using fewer lines”. Newly designed interiors will have fewer buttons and will put more focus on the cars intelligence.

Many upcoming changes will vary with each model. The signature kidney grills will stay in place with some variances, but other features will give each model its own distinct look. With these changes BMW designers will strive to bring stronger character to each model.

The X2, for example, carries BMW,s signature kidney grill, but it has been flipped over. The headlight arrangement has also changed on the from of this mode. BMW’s logo is embedded in the C pillar bringing back styles seen on its own vehicles in the 1970’s. The new design features on the X2 are specific to the model. Changes to the X4, X6 and development of the new 8 series will differentiate each model in its own way

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Emily Daniel
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