Luxury car brand BMW has recently been dabbling in green with their new releases of electric vehicles. Since BMW’s inception, they have always produced cars with upper-echelon quality and now they extend to their greatest by going green. One of their newer models, BMW i3, has made noise in the car lot industry. Several drivers are getting behind the wheel of this new electric model of opulence, but they are noticing one thing: it doesn’t have a radio.

Radios have been a staple for vehicles since the golden days. There was nothing like turning the volume up to tune in to your favorite radio jam or listen to breaking news on the way home from work. In the digital era, however, radios are seemingly becoming obsolete. Drivers are increasingly ditching the old FM/AM radio stations and falling in love with their aux cord and bluetooth connections. Car companies are taking notice to the decline of radio, especially BMW. The BMW i3 is not equipped with a radio but is loaded with connections for drivers to play music, news stations and more directly from their phone.

Additionally, the BMW i3 doesn’t have a radio because it interferes with the vehicle. According to Green Car Report and Rebecca K. Kiehne, a BMW product and technical communications spokesperson, AM is not offered due to negative performance influences of the electromagnetic interference of the electric drivetrain. BMW, is a leading car manufacture and producing a vehicle that would cause complications for the driver is not warranted.

Although the BMW i3 doesn’t come equipped with a radio, it is still an amazing car for those who are riding the green car wave. It’s a new world and drivers will soon have to adapt. Radios are definitely becoming a thing of the past but if you love radio that much, BMW and other car manufacturers are still making radio-focused whips.

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Carl Michael
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