BMW to recall 11,700 cars after installing wrong engine software

It turns out that even the world’s luxury car makers make drastic mistakes. Recently, BMW has had to admit that they mistakenly installed the wrong engine software in nearly 12,000 of its 2018 5 and 7-series models. The recall comes after the BMW Group was accused of installing the incorrect software with malicious intent to manipulate emissions testing. The company has long denied that the incorrect installation was done on purpose, denying all allegations. The models that have the improper software are from model years 2012-2017 and all contain diesel engines.

The recall is of some significance given the recent lawsuit in the U.S. against Volkswagen, who was found guilty of installing defeat devices to manipulate the emissions tests. The company was order to pay over $31 billion in that case. In the BMW case, it is said that the company immediately contacted the appropriate authorities when the mistake was brought to the attention of executives. Certainly this was an inadvertent mistake on the part of the automaker as they announced that they will work with the authorities to initiate the recall. It is important to note that the mistake was uncovered by BMW testers during internal testing and was not the result of an outside source.