Electric cars are the future of mobility. Although these cars are self-driven, they are charged from time to time to maintain their efficiency. The cars are charged using electric car charging stations which come in various types. All electric cars are purchased with a standard 120-volt charging cord.Some car owners have installed charging stations at their homes while others opt for public ones.The public ones are however not so durable.

Although the electric cars come with the standard charging cord of 120 volts, eventually most owners purchase a faster charging station. The level 2 240 volts charging station is bound to charge the car up to four times faster. The standard charging cable is most desirable to electric cars that have a range of under 30 miles. However, cars with a higher driving mileage might require a charging station to maximize the electric car driving experience. Nevertheless, the buyer has a lot of options to consider while buying the 240-volt charging stations. Other factors that you need to put into play while buying or shopping for the electric car charging stations include:

• Carry out some pre-planning before shopping for the electric car charging stations. This may include familiarizing yourself with the various terms associated with electric cars.
• Always hire an electrician who is familiar with the electric car. This is because he will assist you in purchasing the correct station and also in installing it.
• Remember that some modern electric cars come with in-built chargers. Therefore, you must be aware of your car’s specifications.
• The electric car charger is also interchangeably referred to as the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.
• Ensure that the electrician installs a circuit that carries approximately 50 amps.
• Consider the benefits of having a 240-volt plug or the hardwired permanent charging station. However, the plug is more beneficial and easier to use as compared to the hard-wired one.
• Always look out for the labeling of the amps contained in the electric car charging station.

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