California seems to be going through climate changes , this seems to be less important
now and days since the motor industry has grown. People are more concern about the
Automobile industry rather then their actual everyday lives. The fuel that gets
released into the air & the burning gasses are harmful to California. They are expected
to have reduce greenhouse gases to 33 percent. The air has been very smoggy lately in
the city of California . But they are also facing climate challenges and their main
focus is about cars . This seems to be quite backwards ,due to the fact that these new
cars / automobiles are poisoning the air. They are trying to push towards having more
strict regulations to promote energy efficiency in buildings producing the automobiles.
Although it may seem like California has cleaned up its environment quite a bit ; they
definitely still have some work to do to make sure peoples lives some become in danger
. Safety should always come first and especially our enevironment . We live on this
planet it’s only fair that we actually take care of it ! But, we have been poisoning
the air and may not fully realize this. It’s our job to take care of the planet ; but
yet we still release such chemicals into the atmosphere ! California is going to
climate change but their main focus is in cars … seems like we need to have more of a
reality check into place ; let’s focus more on priorities .