Carbon Fiber Cars Getting a Fair Shake?

Means of transportation are becoming increasingly more flexible as there are now cars that are fueled in ways alternative to gas and petrol.

One of the latest solutions will lunch in 2018. It is a car fueled by hydrogen, and it is called Rasa, created by Riversimple. The Rasa is a cell car, and it is an economic solution for people who wish to go green and cannot afford a standard automobile. It is meant for the masses and is designed in such a way that it is comfortable and practical.

The Rasa has some interesting parameters and features such as the 3.3-pound tank which is capable of going up to 30 miles. The vehicle is lightweight, the prototype weighs only 580 kg. It has two seats as well as a trunk. Up to date, the UK brad Riversimple is looking for testers in order to gather user experience data and make some final improvements on the Rasa vehicle.

Riversimpl’s Rasa is not the only alternative as it will be joining a growing market in 2018. One of the most popular alternative vehicles is the Tesla. The price for the Riversimple’s Rasa has not been announced just yet but the company is looking for investors in order to help fund the production.

The Tesla Model D has a price range of 70 000 to 75 000 and it is more than likely that Riversimple’s rasa will not be reaching such a price. As we wait for 2018 to roll in, however, the market is continuously expanding and there are more and more solutions for cars.

Such vehicles bare a great importance to humanity and the planet as air pollution is a huge factor of lung disease and other issues. Such types of cars will help reduce the pollution in the air significantly as more and more people convert to the solution.

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