Trunk Space in Electric Vehicles

To ensure that electric cars will actually sell, car companies have to take into to account that consumers value cargo space. Having space in the cars to store or carry items is quite important to car owners these days. YouTuber Bjorn Nyquist created a handy video to show car buyers the truth about cargo space in electric vehicles.

He gathered about a half a dozen of the popular E cars on the market today and tested them out. Using empty banana boxes, he gave viewers a good idea of how much cargo space each of these vehicles has. The results were quite pleasing, and there is good new for people hoping to buy an electric car. Each of the vehicles had a surprising amount of cargo space. The Model X, a pricey, larger model was able to store 11 boxes with the seats up and 28 boxes when they were put down.

The more traditional models showed that they had quite similar space, holding between six and sixteen boxes with the seats up. The Nissan e-NV200 electric van is a different story. This vehicle was able to hold around 50 boxes total in its cargo space. All in all, according to Nyquist, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Kia Soul EV have the best overall cargo space storing abilities. Although banana boxes are not often carried in these large quantities, this left good news for electric car owners. The electric cars offer a considerably good amount of cargo space for you.

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Emily Daniel
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