Wood Bodied Sports Cars Make the Trees Fly By

I bet it would be every cub scout’s dream to be able to buckle into their Pinewood Derby car and drive it on an actual street. Woodworker Isaac Cohen has found a way to do something akin to that.

Helping the environment and giving dogs a whole new reason to chase cars in the process Cohen strips junkers down to the chassis and replaces the factory skin with wooden bodies of his own creation.

One of Cohen’s designs is reminiscent of a race car bed. Polished to a mirror finish the body starts with a rectangular front end that gracefully arches towards the windshield. Illumination comes from dune buggy like chrome headlights. The interior is accessed through openings that make you think of the Jeep Wrangler sans doors.

From the speakers mounted behind the bucket seats the back of the car ascends upwards in a pattern that mimics an ocean wave. I am not sure if it forms a wicked spoiler or tailfins that put the ’59 Caddy to shame. I’ll avoid commenting on the “trunk”. The wooden rear views are functional. In fact, the car features every piece of equipment necessary to license and register it.

Building wooden cars today may seem like an exercise in novelty. The fact is the strength to weight ratio for wood is higher than that of steel or aluminum.

A group headed by Joe Harmon has backed an LS7 Chevy power plant with a six-speed manual transmission. Then they covered all the mechanical stuff with a 275 piece wooden body that looks like something Lamborghini would build. The result of this project is called the Splinter.

When the Splinter’s giddy-up pedal is suppressed four Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires are set in motion by 700 horses. The Michelins also provide ground clearance; barely.

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