Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle

Chevy is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. They have had great success in producing high quality vehicles over the years. In the recent years, Chevy has decided to jump in on the upcoming popularity of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are those that run on electricity rather than gas. How is this possible? Well, electric vehicles harness a large, rechargeable battery. The battery is able to power the engine of the car. To charge the car, or the battery, you simply plug the car into an outlet. Yes, it really is that simple. Due to the fact that these cars save tons of gas money, many consumers are taking interest. Because the idea is becoming so popular, car manufacturers are beginning to create their own electric vehicles. Chevy is one of those companies. They created a few electric vehicles including their popular Chevy Bolt. The Bolt is an all electric vehicle that has a lot of cool features. Since it was released about a year ago, it has increased sales each month. In December of 2016, Chevy sold only 579 of the vehicles. In contrast, they sold 2,781 last October. The car is in high demand at the moment and there is almost too many people wanting it. Chevy is among the many car manufacturers that has decided to make their own electric vehicles. Electric vehicles reduce the need for gasoline and therefore reduce the harmful greenhouse emissions. These cars may just save the planet one day.