At 238 Miles Chevy Bolt Offers Almost Twice the Range of Its Nearest Competitor

An Electric Vehicle (EV) has to be able to stay off the juice for at least 100 miles to be considered feasible. The Kia Soul EV and the Mercedes B250e fall a few hairs short of that mark. While the Ford Focus Electric, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, and the Fiat 500e (with the 83 kW motor)exceed the 100-mile goal.

The best selling EV for the month of October the Chevy Bolt has shattered that goal with a 238-mile range. With the 125kw motor option, the BMW i3’s 124-mile range comes closest to matching that of the Bolt.

The Bolt uses a60-kWh lithium-ion permanent-magnet synchronous AC battery pack that generates 200 horses to the front wheels. The $36,620 sticker price for the Bolt LT is a shade over $3,000 more than the average price of the competition’s EVs. The Premier package sells for $40,905.

The Bolt is only available as a four-door hatchback commodious enough for five people and 17 cubic feet of stuff. From bumper to bumper it measures 13.66′. Going from the right to the left door you’ll cover a little over 5′. From the pavement to the roof the Bolt measures 5.25′.

As with liquid fueled cars driving conditions will affect the bolts MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent). Traversing urban streets expect 128 MPGe. On more open roads the Bolt averages 110 MPGe. If this seems backward you need to remember that slower speeds and more braking are the norm during city driving, so an electric car will use less fuel.

Compared to a gas burner that gets 20 mpg and is driven 20 miles a day five days a week the Chevy Bolt would save roughly $429.33 on propulsion yearly. This figure is based on $2.45 a gallon for gas and $0.13 per kW hour for electricity.

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Carl Michael
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