Continental bracing for a world of bugs

The automotive industry has gone through a significant amount of changes over the past decade. In this time period, cars have become much smarter and have incorporated a lot of different types of technology. This trend is only expected to continue in coming years. One car company that is continuing to plan for this future is Continental.

Within the next five years, technology is expected to be so complicated in each car that a car system will need to have up to 3 million different lines of code written just to operate it. While this may seem like a lot, it also will require the car companies to hire engineers to fix anticipated bugs. Overall, each car system is expected to have upwards of 45,000 different bugs that will need to be fixed in the code.

To help combat this problem, Continental and other companies in the field are continuing to hire new employees to help ensure the code is properly written. Overall, the company is expected to hire more than 1,000 more engineers each year over the next few years.

Beyond hiring new software engineers, the company is also looking for new ways to grow. This has included purchasing some smaller engineering companies located all over the world that already have the skill set in place to write and manage the code that is necessary for these vehicles. Having this software support will be very beneficial for the company as it will help to ensure the car systems continue to operate properly.

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Joel Stocksdale
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