Could the US Stay in the Paris Agreement?

The Paris Climate change accords led to widespread global agreement on the risks posed by climate change and worked out a potential resolution of these issues through a reduction in the carbon emissions of the countries that were signing the Paris accord and a long term move towards less polluting substances like alternative energies.

The Pull out

Only one nation has threaten and started the withdrawal from the Paris accord and unfortunately that nation is the world’s sole superpower, the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump is attempting to change many of the decisions made by his predecessor, Barack Obama, and one of the first that he made was pulling out of the Paris Accords. On the campaign trail Donald Trump made repeated claims regarding his doubts regarding the uncertainty of climate change, calling it a hoax, and has followed through with these claims by withdrawing from the Paris Accord agreement. The U.S. Presidential office has great power in pulling out of foreign agreements without the approval of congress and Trump exercised his power to withdraw.

All is Not Lost for Environmentalists

All is certainly not lost for those who want to follow through with the terms of the Parris accord as certain stipulations in the agreement limit the ability to pull out of the agreement quickly, delaying filing a motion to withdraw until 2018. While Trump will still be in power at this point, there will be further delays until the agreement is able to be fully cancelled by Trump.

Due to shifting politics, the political environment and balance of power may change by this point and lead to a move back towards these treaties. Further, while Trump has argued that the Paris Accord is a bad deal for the United States, foreign leaders may make concessions to the United States to attract them back and thereby extend the Paris Accords further.

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