Crash test dummy maker Humanetics buys Austrian manufacturer

The United States’ premier maker of crash test dummies, Humanetics Innovative Solutions, has announced that they have bought Austrian safety test equipment maker, DSD Testing GmbH. Humanetics is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan and has been in operation for over 65 years at that location, with 19 other locations all over the world. The dummies that they make are used in the automotive, aviation, and medical industries.

The exact terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Chief Operating Officer of DSD, Markus Schmidl, will continue in his role in Austria. The acquisition gives the crash test dummy manufacturer the ability to expand their operations to include autonomous vehicle and driver assistance spaces. DSD manufactures robots that are used in both road safety tests and in autonomous vehicle testing.

DSD’s robots are remotely operated with the use of GPS and the company performs some of the most realistic safety testing in the world. The robots can be used over and over without damage, which is not something that any other company has. Their foray into driverless technology makes them on the leading edge of an industry that is expected to explode in the next five years. The company also test a wide range of other products like crash block, advanced side impact systems, and intrusion cylinders.

The partnership between the two companies is expected to be a flawless integration and beneficial to both. Humanetics will continue to look for more partners and acquisitions as they look to become a major player in driverless vehicle testing.

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