Autonomous Taxis Are Getting Close To Becoming A Reality

Autonomous vehicles are closer than ever to making their way to a street near you. With this change will come a change to the modern taxi as well. Both Daimler and Robert Bosch are coming together to make autonomous taxis a reality. There are a variety of benefits to this but just a few are as follows:

  • Lower Cost Of Maintenance
  • More Efficient Flow Of Traffic

Lower Cost Of Maintenance

The cost of your car is far higher than just the sticker price you pay at the dealership. You are required to pay for insurance on your car, parts to replace as it gets older, not to mention all of the gas required to get you to and from a variety of destinations. In fact, the many cars on the road today spend more money on gas throughout its lifetime than the car was originally purchased for. By more effectively utilizing autonomous taxis, all of these costs virtually disappear overnight.

More Efficient Flow Of Traffic

The majority of traffic jams are caused by human error. When someone fails to signal or see someone in their blind spot a wreck occurs which makes everyone late to their destination. Studies have shown that autonomous vehicles are far safer than those operated by humans and thus far fewer traffic jams will occur saving you dozens of hours every year.

Autonomous vehicles may still be years away from hitting our roads but the more companies that join the herd the closer we will get.