Daimler Will Still Work On Fuel Cell Development Along With Focusing On EV Battery Technology

Daimler was one of the big companies that was front and center at the recent Detroit Auto Show 2018. During the expo, the company announced that they will work on innovations as pertaining to electric vehicles and the batteries that power them but at the same time still working with fuel cell technology.

Some companies have turned their backs on fuel cell technology altogether as industry experts are saying that electric batteries and their technology could have a 25 percent share of the global market by 2025.

‘We will upscale the production of the battery powered vehicles first’ stated Ola Kallenius who is the head of research and development on the governing board of Daimler. ‘We will keep into the development of fuel cell technology as well so as if there is a market shift into that direction’ added Kallenius.

Kallenius went on to say that one of the main reasons that Daimler is keeping a hand in fuel cell technology is that it is better for larger vehicles. He claims that electric batteries are better for smaller vehicles and that fuel cells would be more cost effecient.

‘It is concievable that the next generation of fuel cells will go into buses. In the winter, heating a bus requires a lot of energy. A combination between an electric drive and a fuel cell would be a better option’ stated Kallenius.

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Joel Stocksdale
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