Tom Doll’s Success With Subaru

Doll’s Rise to Success

Tom Doll has been with Subaru of America for over 30 years serving as an accountant to his current position as President and Chief Operating Officer. He has been with Subaru of America since their introduction to the U.S. consumers. His experience and leadership has taken Subaru to record sales and has placed Subaru as an automobile contender in the U.S. Because of his success the Japanese based company is awarding him with the position of CEO for the U.S. division in 2018. He will be the first American CEO since 1990.

The Future of Subaru of America

Due to Tomomi Nakamura’s recent promotion of President of Subaru’s parent company in Japan, Doll will assume the position of CEO for North America Subaru division. The U.S. market for Subaru is one of the biggest market for the company. Under the direction of Doll, Subaru has bounced back from many pitfalls and is soaring in records sales since Doll’s position as President.

The changes and promotions will be official later this year after the shareholders and board of directors meetings in June. Doll will continue with the company’s philosophy, “Subaru Love Promise,” and the company’s volunteer program. Subaru and Doll will continue to be committed to their customers as well as their employees. Subaru promises a better year of sales to come.

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