Don’t buy a new car yet, wait for electric vehicles if you can

While you may be tempted to buy a new car right now, it may be better to fill the gap with a used car until electric vehicles have slight improvements in technology that make them more commonplace and decrease the cost of these vehicles.

Electric cars have some significant advantages associated with them as well as some notable disadvantages. The good things about electric cars are that they:

– are good for the environment and provide you with a sense of doing your part to prevent climate change
– can provide you with tax incentives when purchased through government subsidy programs
– can improve your social standing in the community and may even land you a hot date or reationship
– can save you significant amounts of money on gas by using electricity instead

The major negative associated with electric cars is that they require a charging station to fill up in. As these charging stations are not located everywhere you may have a limited range for your car of a certain number of miles from your home, where you will commonly charge your vehicle. In addition, electric cars are often limited to homeowners who can charge their vehicle in their home and those who live in apartment units that have charging stations.

While much is unknown about the future of electric cars and infrastructure, the popularity of electric vehicles and their efficiency is leading to a significant investment in the number of charging stations around which can only make them more convenient to use. Lightning fast charging solutions mean that your electric vehicle can be quickly charged without having to wait a long time.

Further, the advent of better batteries for electric vehicles means that the batteries will last longer and extend your driving distance. Wait for better electric vehicles and revel in the added and improved performance that they provide.

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Joel Stocksdale
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