Downside of Eco-Friendly Cars

Eco-friendly cars have many upsides to them; lower gas costs being the primary ones, but also the sense of satisfaction that you get from using them, some notable tax savings when purchased, and the ability to impress your peers with these vehicles. There are some notable downsides to these eco-friendly vehicles as well.

Expensive to Buy and Obtain Parts

Eco0friendly cars have specialty parts that are not as commonplace as more popular car models and which often need to be purchased directly from the manufacturer, often at a higher overall cost. While you can save money on lower gas costs, higher repair and maintenance costs will eat into this budget.

Cost of Charging Vehicles and Limitations of Doing so

There are many different types of eco-friendly vehicle one of which are electric cars. Electric cars don’t burn gas which saves you money but you still need to pay for the electricity that you are generating. Since electricity is general created from cleaner sources than fossil fuels at least in the United States, there is still a cost of obtaining this electricity. Further, electric vehicles have limited ranges that they can drive without being charged. As such, you will need to find another vehicle to perform that cross country drive that you are planning.

Rapidly Changing Technology

It is no surprise that eco-friendly cars have a lot of technology put into them to achieve incredible mpg if hybrid vehicles, or greater distance via fuel cells. The rapidly changing nature of this technology means that the cars don’t retain their resale value as much as those cars that use an internal combustion engine.

E-friendly cars are the wave of the future, but current limitations in these vehicles may make you want to hold off your decision until the technology becomes more developed. Consider the aforementioned concerns to driving an eco-friendly car and determine if it is right for your needs.

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Emily Daniel
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