Changing The Economy:10 Companies Releasing Driver-less Cars

The economic impact of driverless cars is predicted to make their numbers rise. Various manufacturers within the auto industry have been experimenting with driverless cars. While some are further along than others all agree that driverless cars will be the wave of the future across the nation and the globe.

10 Companies That Are Releasing Driverless Cars
1. Tesla has a predicted release date of 2018.
2 .BMW plans to have its driverless cars on the road by 2021 (China only).
3. Audi has been experimenting but has yet to announce a release date.
4. Volvo has announced the release of semi-autonomous cars by 2020
5. Toyota has a predicted release date of 2020.
6. Nissan has a predicted release date of 2020.
7. Ford has a predicted release date of 2022.
8. General Motors and Lyft have formed a partnership to produce driver-less cars, but have yet to announce a release date.
9. Honda is aiming to produce cars that are completely driverless on highways by 2020.
10. Hyundai is aiming to have driverless features in its cars by 2020, but won’t have a fully autonomous car ready until 2030.

The Concerns Associated WIth Driverless Cars
People who make a living from driving are getting nervous as driver-less cars become more prevalent on the highways and byways. Diesel truckers are in fear that they will lose their jobs as the commercial trucking industry looks to become more efficient and save a dollar. Insurance companies are panicking becuase they know driver-less cars are safer and will reduce their income.

The Benefits Associated With Driverless Cars
Imagine never having to worry about parking again. And on those days you’re in a time crunch you can utilize your time wisely as the driver-less car is in route to your destination.

Considering the pros and cons related to driverless cars it’s going to be an interesting future.

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