The Energy Benefits of Green Cars

At this time, we rely more on cars using oil for fuel as opposed to cars using electrical power. Zero-emissions transport is a possibility in the modern age. Electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are being invented now that require public electrical charging stations or refueling stations of some kind for hydrogen vehicles. Cars are changing, the world is changing, and some parts of the world use hydrogen in their cars instead of relying on electrical charging stations. Experiments are being done to see if hydrogen can be developed as a by-product. Some countries will beat the United States in becoming the first countries to lower their carbon footprint by 2050.

Using fossil fuels has to go because they cause global warming. Electric car ownership is a present technology while use of hydrogen can come in the future. Hydrogen can generate electricity inside the car as part of it’s bid to be used for fuel. Hydrogen is converted into mechanical energy, which powers the car, being used to activate the power plant of the car. Electric charging stations have grown in the United States but there are only 40 hydrogen stations. Some cars can have a refueling time of 3 to 5 minutes. Future cars might very well use hydrogen fuel cells instead of Big Oil. Hydrogen technology might be difficult and complex but compared to electrical batteries that last only so long, hydrogen is the technology that will outstrip electric vehicles despite the fact that consumers do not understand hydrogen as well as they understand electric cars.

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Joel Stocksdale
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