Can E-Bikes Replace Cars?

Are E-bikes or electric bikes the answer to our traffic congestion and pollution problems in our cities? The best answer to this question right now is a possible maybe. Biking is mostly a recreation and fitness activity in the United States right now. Cars dominate the commute hands down and public transportation comes second. Biking to work would be a distant third way of commuting.

Some people do bike to work, but it is limited and impractical for many. However, electric bikes are changing this outlook. An e-bike is simply a bike with an electric motor. The motor makes it easier to ride longer distances and requires far less pedaling. Going up steep hills is also easier. You can also reach faster speeds with e-bikes as well.

The advent of the electric bike can turn some car commuters into bike commuters, especially in urban areas where the distances are not that great and there are bike lines or pedestrian paths. There is an uptick in e-bike sales now and prices are now decreasing. All of this could mean a small increase in e-bike commutes and less car commutes which is a good thing for traffic, health and pollution.

So how much can you expect to pay for an electric bike to ride on your commute? High end bikes can fetch a steep price of up to $5,000. The more basic models will cost around $1,300 which is still a significant amount of money for a bike, but much less. For example, a Koben e-bike sells for around $1,337 and can give you a range of about 25 miles with its battery.

New electric bikes such as the Koben, Wave and Storm are now lighter as well, thanks to batteries that weight significantly less. The battery in this electric bike can also be taken out to charge inside. A simplistic design also keeps weight down and prices low, so that it is more feasible for everyday people.

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Emily Daniel
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