The Jaguar E-Pace offers some Serious Off-Road Capabilities

In an attempt to compete with crossovers from some of its major competitors like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Infiniti, Jaguar has come up with an innovative and unique solution with The E-pace compact crossover vehicle. Jaguar is banking on the fact that this compact crossover will make its mark among drivers who are looking for some serious off-road talent when it’s needed or for just plain fun.

The E-Pace features a four-wheel independent suspension for some serious on-road driving but this compact crossover has a raised riding height for those occasions when it may be necessary to go off the beaten path. Even with its increased height, the E-Pace still presents some amazing cornering ability due to some high-tech electronics in the suspension and powertrain that assist the driver through those difficult and hazardous off-road driving maneuvers.

With a lot riding on this vehicle, Jaguar may actually have an edge over its competitors. The E-Pace is not fresh off the off-road drawing board. Some of its off-road tech and design can be found in the Land Rover’s Discovery Sport, and while the E-Pace isn’t primarily made for off-road adventures, the ability is there if and when you need it. The E-Pace hit dealerships about a month ago. All models feature a 9-speed automatic transmission with an all-wheel-drive system that works full-time. Whether you’re crossing open highways or streams in the woods, the E-pace will most certainly make a splash consumers.

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