Eco Friendly Airliners: Transportation of the Future

Hundreds of years of industrialization changed the world, and now, nature fights back. The threat of climate change and global warming is evident, as typhoons and hurricanes are becoming stronger, heat waves and cold waves are becoming deadlier, and droughts are becoming more common. The United Nations, upon realizing that the global climate is indeed changing, initiated several conventions and general assemblies to address what the governments can do to save the planet. There are several methods proposed, including the reduction of carbon dioxide emission from the different modes of transportation, including land based vehicles, sea vessels, and airplanes. They believed that the introduction of eco-friendly units for these modes of transport will help reduce the carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere causing climate change.

One of the newest innovations in the field of aeronautics is the introduction of silent engines which can reduce carbon footprints significantly. These silent engines are known to be more fuel efficient, being able to travel to greater distances while burning 15% less fuel compared to the present aircrafts. High fuel efficiency can also result to lower airline ticket prices, and the environment would benefit from it mostly. These new engines that will be installed on aircrafts also has the ability to transport more passengers and cargoes over long distances, and they are also tested for their noise footprints as well. During the test, these engines were proven to reduce 75% of noise from takeoff, and experts believe that the reduction in noise can also reduce the carbon footprints of the aircraft.

Each unit of these eco-friendly engines are believed to cost more than $12 million, but according to those who developed the engine, this investment would have greater returns to airlines as they can profit greatly from having eco-friendly aircrafts in their fleet that will help reduce carbon footprints in the atmosphere.

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