How Are Our Tires Going Green Going To Help Out Customers?

The car industry is moving towards being electric. It makes sense that tires will be doing their part in the process. Tire manufacturers are relying on three major components to turn the traditional tire into something green.

1) The first step is in the construction of the tire. Tires use raw materials. Companies are now attempting to replace the rubber with a more synthetic blend. Part of the synthetic component is something called silica. Silica is more reliable and it reduces road friction.

Silica reduces the amount of heat a tire produces. This reduction aids in the longevity of the tire. They are also working on reducing the amount of petroleum being used in a tire. Did you know that each tire takes about 5-10 gallons of petroleum?

2) Every time the tire is used the energy depletes. There is something called rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is the process in which the energy from the tire dies down. Rolling resistance accounts for 10-15% of energy depletion from car tires. Trucks have double this amount. Companies estimate that this reduction adds up to about 2-3 percent for each car tire. Still, this percent is better than what we are working with now.

3) Tire wear is another issue facing car companies. A Customer who uses their winter tires during the summer will face more wear down in their tread. Winter tires are not made for the summer. These winter tires will not work the way they are supposed to when winter comes around. Companies are looking to change up the material to reduce the chances of this happening to someone. Going green will help the environment safer and reduce the tire problems customers are currently facing.

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Carl Michael
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