Eco-Friendly Car Washes: What’s Up with That?

Eco-friendly car washes are a rapidly growing commodity; if there isn’t one in your town now, there will be soon, and the increasing volume of these nifty places has everyone asking: “What the heck is an eco-friendly car wash?” Well, that’s what I’m here for!

Eco-friendly car washes make it their priority to insure that your car is washed in a quality way, without polluting the environment or wasting precious water. This means that you can get a great clean, and we all have a greater tomorrow to look forward to! Who doesn’t want to save the world while getting rid of all that gunky pollen? (Or bird… umm… stuff..?) Why, we all do!

Eco friendly car washes are great in that they use soaps that aren’t harmful to the environment; so if any soap runs off into the soil or other vital ecosystems in your community, it will not cause any damage that could offset the balance of nature! Who wants to have harmful substances splashed on their car anyways? Everyone’s happier and safer with the introduction of eco-friendly soaps!

And to compliment their flashy new soap, eco-friendly car washes boast using less water per wash; some companies, in fact, proclaim that they use less water per car than a washing machine! Imagine that! So this precious and vital resource to our world is not wasted in any way, and your car gets a good clean! Best of all, these car washes make sure that none of the soapy water re-enters the ecosystem without being treated first, so any harmful substance that could possibly come off your vehicle is removed and the water comes back nice and new.

So that’s the lowdown on eco-friendly car washes. They’re efficient and healthy for the environment. So I guess the real question now is, are you going to take advantage of this wonderful service? Why aren’t you getting your car washed right now? Why are you still reading this??

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Joel Stocksdale
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